Fall 2014 - Wish list

Piniterest inspiration for fall

Hay Doll's

Summer might becoming to an end but that doesn't mean that we have to be all sad and gloom. Autumn is coming or Fall if that is your deal. Fall sounds so romantic to me and Autumn sounds so worldly but that is just my little input on the subject matter of what to describe this time of year...any ways. As the title states these are my wish or dream list for fall.

1. Michael Kors Bag - don't need to explain why I want this but at £300 its a dream!

2. Chloe perfume - I have wanted this perfume for months but just haven't quit managed to pick it up yet.

3. Erin Conrad Planner. Here I am a filofax fanatic but this just looks so cute and girlie. If only I lived in America.

4. River Island boots. Here I saw these on one of the girls that was at my friends baby shower and they look so classy.

5. Chanel Foundation - I always here everyone talk about this foundation and really want to try it out.

Thanks for reading my little babbles. If there is anything that you could recommend that I should check out please leave a wee comment below. xoxo