Fashion Babble - Holiday Wish list River Island.

Hay Loves 

SUMMER is here. We all know what that means essential summer holiday shopping has to be done. 

Now actually I am a mighty believer in using what you already have. So this post is more about adding to what you already have rather than going out and spending £X on a new case full of cloths that your only going to wear for 2 weeks of the year.

I have loads of bikinis but now instead of buying 50 from Primark I buy one really nice one which I know will last me more than one trip. However this only works if your not going on a 18+,. Booz one your £30 bikini ant going to put you into the party mode or is that just me.

Shorts. I am reaching that point in by life were the low wast just isnt comfy. I love these because they are classic and simple can be down for the beach or classy for the bar depending on your mood.

Nice pop of colour for the sun and again beach or bar!

Now Maxis are amazing for holiday and this is would look great at the local pub or out for a nice fancy meal. Plus as its not floor length your less likely to trip! 

After the cloths comes the bling...these are all defo extras for me!

I love this case but its £60 :( you would look high class with it at the airport but I would be devastated if it came back marked.

To me Primark/New Look have defo got style and price perfect this season but if your looking to splash out these are so cute.

Now I have to say River Island Sunglasses are the bomb. I have had mines for 2 years now and they are still going strong. 

I love the aviators, £10 is actually a steal for these.

When it comes to jewls leave your MK or Stobos at home and go cheap. If it gets lost or goes walkie s (happened to me) you wont be crying into your cocktails before the sunsets. Get my drift. And when I say cheap I don't
 mean nasty, the above comes in at £5 and look so cute. 

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All can be found at River Island HERE and they ship to many places other than he UK too! 

Take Care xxx