Beauty Babble - Eyeko London in Instyle.

Hay Love's

Now does anyone every just buy a magazine because there is amazing free stuff??? Well I do and this months version of Instyle (I haven't even read it to be honest) featured a free set of Eyeko London Lash curlers EEEEK!

Now these little beauties can set you back £12 but for £3.50 you get a lovely little set and a magazine. OK its all about the lash curlers. Now as many eye lash curlers can cast from £4.99 upwards in a boots or superdrug near you this to me is a total bargain. I mean Primark do nice pink ones for around £3 but they dont compete with these Eyeko ones.

I suggest that you stop reading this and head to your local newsagents to buy ones now.

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