Be Counted - Fashion & Feminism


So recently I was at a training day organised by FeministaUK and well I enjoyed myself I didn't really feel like a Feminist. I mean, I love fashion, bronzer and well like my size 10 figure and ideally I would like to be a sleek size 8. Now I am not saying that to be a feminist you have to-be plus size, pal and ignorant to fashion but I that's how I felt at the end of the day. Feels like am trolling the feminist movement - which am not I just believe at all women not matter what their interests can be feminist.

Which is why I was so excited to see the Mae Movement - which is an organisation which highlights hand made fashionable bracelets from Nepal which helps women and girls earn their own money, fairly and safely. This is exactly the positive movement like FeministaUK, promotes women and allows you to spend your money and style yourself to show your opinions, which on occasion is all a women can do to support each other.

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Now for those that aren't in the know...Nepal is a country with a high rate of female stigmatise. Many women are duped into leaving their homes under the pretences that they will receive better jobs and education in the cities, or sold into slavery by parents who may have no other options. The women are taken into sex trafficking where they are broken into the sex trade through vial methods including, torture, rape, humiliation, beatings, and psychological abuse.

Other women might find themselves exploited by force labour, where women have to work long hours in harsh conductions, imagine working 15 hour shifts, in cramped spaces, hot weather (or cold), with little food/water, fear of being beaten, raped for around 50p an hour, plus your working 6/7 days a week.

Selection of Mae Movement bracelets taken from Website

The Mae Movement is also a positive social organisation looking to help any movement or single person develop themselves to be all they can be. Headed by Haley and her mother who are active in changing the world through positive motivation. More about the bracelets can and Mae Movement can be found HERE.

Side note - I have recently purchased a set of the bracelets from Mae Movement and will do a post on or update this post on receiving them - they ship to the UK and many other countries outside the US.

Thanks for reading my little post - Take care xoxo