My Make up Bag - March Favourites

Hay Love's 

OMG its April, I know everyone and there dog says it but I cannot believe we are in April already! The best part about April is that it is now officially spring...someone should tell Mother nature to get a move on with some nice warm, weather 

Any ways.. So you will probs notice that my pictures are not of anything new, lack of funds means that I will not be purchasing any make up/cloths/shoes/bags/nail polish pretty much anything fun for a while...BOO...

LanCome - I hate that I cant do the cute wee sign today is not my best work as you can tell if you read further down...if not no hard feelings. This foundation is awesome, I like that its really thin so you can have a basic daily look or a dramatic full coverage at night look.

Nars blush pallet - I don't actually know if you can get this still but if not I recommend just buying any pallet that you like as I can say their blush is awesome! 

Benefit - This product has been discontinued.

Benefit again - Great for a little basing before your foundation :) 

Benefit (seems that I like Benefit) - Brilliant powder I do the shameful thing of using this as a foundation when in a rush and using it to set foundation. I know bad girl! But it looks OK to me so!

Chanel Chance - I have been using the perfume last month but I do recommend buying the body spray its like £28 compared to £50 for the perfume. 

Nars products I get from Frazers and  my fav places to buy  (who often have 10% off...yee) all my lovelies is Debenhams 

Thanks for reading and please leave your links below so I can spy your favs.