Soap n Glory: Kohl Eyeliner Review.

Hay lovely's

So all last December I was going to my lovely BF about the Urban Decay eyeliner set and how lovely it would be to get it would be if Santa go me it (massive hint for him). Unfortunately when the poor boy went to Urban Decay they were sold out, (he did get me the Smokey eye palette review to come) and so he went to Boots and bought me this lovely Soap and Glory set. (I am a spoiled princess and I know it BTW!)

Soap and Glory Kohl Set 
 The set came in a nice little pink tin with 5 kohl eyeliners: Black, Blue, Brown, Purple and Green. As well as 3 eye shadows; Black, Brown and Purple. (Which is a lot more value for money than the Urban Decay set)

What you get
eye lines set at the top and shadows at the bottom.

As you can see, the eyes liner are very pigmented, they are also very smooth and easy to put on your eye. However, the shadows at the bottom aren't so much they are nice, but I don't see myself using them as much as the liners. 

Over all I would recommend this set, especially the soap and glory eyeliners as they are really good value. (They are on sale the now at boots £4 instead of £5 each! Here)