My Hits of the month: January

Hay Lovely's

January has flown in and I cannot believe how fast its went; not long till spring people and I cant wait. excited mucha! So here is my 1st little monthly hit list for our 1st month of the year. :)

Make up brush kit: Ebay

I got this little "MAC" brush set from ebay for £12 and I really like it. Now I doubt this is actually "MAC" brushes but they were unused in their original packaging and they are really soft. Over all I am happy.

Iphone 4s (Upgrade ppl)

I might be behind on the Iphone front, with everyone with their Iphone 5's, but I looked into it and to be honest I believe that the 5 is more hip than actual need. I got a white one as I feel it looks chic, and would recommend the 4s to anyone. :)

Urban Decay Smokey Eye Pallet

I got this for my Christmas from my lovely BF and have been playing about with it all month. It has been my go to set for everyday and nights out. :)

Soap & Glory Eyeliner set.

I have a review on this little set (here) and I have loved them all month. They have been awesome.

Last but no means least has to be my Benefit Powder 

I love this little powder and at £24.99 it not cheap but it is amazing on top of foundation or on its own I love it. :) I really like reading peoples monthly hit list, and would love if you would send me the link to yours by leaving a comment below. :)