Benefits of a sale: Mini Review

Hay Lovely's

Before I took my pledge to not buy anything for 100 days, I did put an order in at the Benefit website to make myself feel better. I bought some little sets, so that I could try more products, unfortunately all of these sets are marked out of stock now but they might come back in so I will link the Benefit website (here)

Porefect Radiance Set (Normal price £10/Sale price £6)

This set is just a basic happy day spash out for your skin. The Benefit products are expensive but I find their skin care ones just a tad too expensive for what they do, so when these sets go on sale I like to pick up one, to treat my skin. This set contains:

  • Porefssional: (best primer ever)
  • Its Potent eye cream (under eye cream)
  • Triple performing facial emulsion (cleanser)

Goodtime Gals Set (Normally £10/Sale £6)

This is a nice little set, having that girl and posie tint in nice little packets means that you can have them in your make up bag for touch ups through out the day. The sizes are also good as I can get 5 uses out of these little gems. This set came with:

  • That Girl (Face primer)
  • Girl Meets Pearl (Highlighter)
  • Posie Tint (Lip and cheek stain)

High Flying Gloss Set (Normal price £19.99/Sale Price £13.99)

This is defo my best buy, this set came with all of their mini lip glosses which go along with their blush boxes. These are perfect size for me as the full size would take me forever to use up. 

  • Dandelion (which is a sheer simmer light pink)
  • Bella Bamba (which is a sheer water melon colour)
  • Coralista (which is a sheer kinda orange-red colour)
  • Dallas (which is like a nice bronze colour)
  • Sugarbomb (which is a nice natural glam colour)
  • Hoola (to mean this is nearly clear with a hint of shimmer but that might just be on me)

Realness of Concealness Set (Normal £23.00/Sale price £11.99)

This set comes with, I would say that this kit is ok but I wouldn't have paid full price for this, the sizes are actually less than sample sizes and I would say that the only advantage of this other than to test products you havent tried is, that its very compact which is good for you handbag.
  • Boi-ing concealer (in what I would say is no.3)
  • Lemon Aid (under eye primer)
  • High beam (highlighter)
  • Ooh La Lift (De-puffer for under eye)
  • Lip Pump (primer for lips)
I hope this was helpful and I would love to know what you girls picked up in the sales so please send me links to any recent posts you have done :)