My new hair: chocolate brown!

Hay lovely's 

Hows your Tuesday going? I have a wee day off work today, to get my hair dyed and thought I would show  you the outcome. My Hair is naturally brown, but this summer I decided to experiment with colour (Yip it took me 25 years to dye my hair and to be honest it was worth it!) and get on bored with the ombre effect.

This was my hair last week!
This was my hair when I first got it done ! 
Why? The hair style was lovely at first but then then it started orange-out and then I noticed every second person had that style of hair and I thought yea am over this! So I made an appointment with my brilliant hairdresser, who I love, at K Hair Dressers in the south-side of Glasgow and with a cheeky 50% got my colour done today!

This is the result and nice Chocolate brown, Cheryl Cole inspired ( I love her) and my lovely hair dresser showed me how to work my hair extensions, sorry they were bought form a local shop in Glasgow that my hairdresser uses and I don't know the name of it! all for the very reasonable price of £36! (Tip not included, FYI always tip your hairdresser 15%!)

If any of you ladies or gents are from the Glasgow area the hairdressers is called K Hair designs in Shawlands, they are amazing and well worth checking out! They also have a Facebook page with many competitions and discounts!