Benefit Series: Sugarlicious Review!

Hay Lovely's

As promised I will be reviewing the products I bought at Duty free, and first up is Benefits Sugarlicious Cheek set.  

rrp £24.50

Sugarlicious is one of three sets that Benefit has came out with this season, for the cheeks. It comes with a selection of products including:

  • Benetint: Rose product used for cheeks and lips.
  • Benefits High Beam: Lovely pink highlighter.
  • Sugarbomb blush: Lovely mixture of bronze, coral and pink blush.
  • Sugarbomb Lip-gloss: Nice light peach gloss with shimmer.
  • Little face brush.
  • Tips & Tricks booklet, this can be removed to allow access to the mirror (I will be doing this later!)
This wee set is amazing and would make a great Xmas present for anyone who is a Benefit addict like myself  or for someone that has never used their cosmetics before and want to give it ago. It will also be very handy if your going on holiday this season., as its a great kit for daytime and night. (remember you don't have to wear, everything at once just because its in a kit!) 

You can find these kits at Boots, or  Benefit and other department stores.