Free-B's to bag!

Hay lovely's

I have just picked up a few magazines for my wee trip down to London. I might only be on the plane an hour but I am like a 4 year old I MUST BE ENTERTAINED! So I picked up Instyle Magazine and Marie Clare. Now I do read these magazines but they also had great free-be's this month!

  • Instyle: Benefit free-b's! It is only their mini sample sizes but I prefer these because they fit better in my handbag: There is 3 which you can collect or pick up Sun-beam, Benetint and Cha Cha Tint. I personally went for Sun-beam because am not a fan of the other 2!

  • Marie Clare magazine: Has two free-b's this month one is Doves Hair Therapy: a combination of conditioned and hair treatment for coloured hair (Yet to try but I smells lovely!) and the other is L'Occitane Hand cream. They had already done a free-b on this last year which I picked up and liked but no so much that I would pay the full price so I thought I would get another one. Ps dont get the brown one it doesn't smell that great!

Hope yous all have a great weekend peeps! (sorry guys just noticed I used the Instyle Mag for the Marie Clare prodcts..Oops!)