Some Products I could Benefit From!

Hay Lovely's

I hope your having a nice weekend, last week my BF surprised me with a little trip to London town! I am super excited and have started listing the places I would like to go...well shop! One of these places is The Benefit Boutique in Convent Garden's!! Yes we do have Benefit stands here in Glasgow, we ant that backwards! But I really want to see what its like and I have started making a little list of the products am considering to buy. 

1. Sugarlicious box set: £24.50! They have three of these sets but I think this one would be the best for my skin tone.

Image from Benefit Website

2. B.right Introductory Kit: I have heard a lot about their skin care products and would love to test them out a think this little set would be brilliant for that.

From Benefit Website £10 

3. Hallo Flawless powder: I have this foundation in liquid form, and I love it! I would really like to try a powder foundation and thought this would be a brilliant one to try.

Image from Benefit website £24.50

4. The POREfessional: I have heard and read loads of good things about this product and seeing as my other primer is running low I think I should prurshase this one...Because you cant be left hanging when your running low on primer RIGHT??? :-p

Image from Benefit website: £23.50

I am so excited about going to London!! Do you guys have any recommendation's on places to go? BTW I have linked all the photos back to the Benefit online UK store so you can check them out if you like.