Trans-fashion: Outfit 3 Animal prints!

Hay Lovely's

My last little trans-fashion from summer to fall includes: Animal prints! Animal printers were everywhere this summer (I loved it!) and they will continue for fall. The scary thing about animal print is that if you do too much you will look cheap rather than chic! Here are some of my favorite ways to use animal prints: Leopard print!

1. Accessories!

A simple and quickly way to animal print, and if you don't over do it you wont look cheap! Some classic accessories include scarfs, shoes and of course our handbag. But an even simpler way can be through jewelry: earrings, bangles and even watched can add a simple twist to this print for the winter!

River Island set £12 

River Island Scarf: £12

2.  Dress, and Blazers! (not together!)

The simplest way would be to wear the print! If your brave then go full out and a dress is the perfect way, but if your going to make sure your accessories are simple, black is always a great way to dull down an outfit or if your on a night out try gold! If your looking for leopard on top the  try pairing your animal print with something simple: some plan leggings, black jeans or a simple black skirt. If your pairing the print on the bottom, you guessed it the top should be as simple as possible: Black, white or leather (if your feeling a bit edger!)

River Island dress £20 

New Look £27.99

3. Nail art!

OK last fashion is expression and you can express yourself through your nails...they are the one thing everyone sees right? So if your not wanting to invest in something so preeminent to your collection like an accessory or piece of clothing then why not try nail wraps!

Models Own £7.00