Steal her style: Cheryl Chole!

Hay Lovely's

Today I am doing a steal her style on my favorit style icon: Cheryl  Cole. Cheryl's style is very girly, glam and bold. This can often be hard to pull off especially as we ant all size 8's! With this in mind I have restyled this outfit to complete more body types and make it more wearable for the everyday look.

Photo has been taken from google images.

I have chosen this look because its comfy but stile stylish for everyday. So hear is how I would steal her style. I have Changed the top into two longer cami's of similar colour's to her one top because if your anything like me you will like to hid your bum when wearing leggings: I would suggest putting the grey skinny cami under the lime green raze back cami. I have also changed the colour of the shoes: I think black would go better because it matches the blazer and its more everyday than the bright pink shoes shes wearing.

Forever21 £8.95
Forever21 £24.95
Forever21 £22.95

Forever21 £4.50

£7.99 Forever21

I have hyper-linked all the pics guys encase you want to look at the piece's on the Forever21 website. I have also done a little maths and this outfit would come in at: £69.34! So to dress like Cheryl, under £100 I think I done well!