Nothing so rebel as a benefut reveiw/haul

Hay lovelies

I have just been doing a small bit of shopping at the Benefit counter and thought I would do a quick review on the make up I bought today and the ones I already own. Lets get started with my collection:

The above is some of the Benefit...I like Benefit products. This might be a controversial statement as many of my friends say benefit isn't the best but I think that yes it is highly priced but they are good they last a long time and well the packaging is really cute! Lets take a look at them individually:

I have just bought Benefit's Hoola bronze today (£23.00) so I cant write anything on it yet! But I have heard that its a great bronzer and the packaging is really cute with its little mirror inside: I would take a picture of it but unfortunately mines is broken so I will be returning it tomorrow for another one!  Benefits some kind-a gorgeous is a product I have had for over a year now and in my opinion its to much hard work. Its not meant to be a foundation for great coverage but I expect to see some change, especially as I do have reasonably good skin. It does however give a nice glow :)

Benefit you you can see I have used up all my lite you rebel. At £23.50 its an expensive tinted moisturiser but it is really nice. Its not to greasy and gives a lovely glow. I have chosen the darker version for spring/summer because I tend to go very dark in the summer and would like a better bronzing glow rather than the nice doughy glow the lite version gives.

Now my favourite benefit product is actually a little travel set called...Primpcess! I bought this when I was going to Malia last year for an impressive £19.99! It includes Boi-ing concealer no.2, i have the big one too: its good but doesn't last too long; Bright eye, I like pretty in the inner eye; 3 eye shadows which are great for everyday on the go looks and last but no means least Bad Girl Lash! I love the mascara...makes my lashes big and black what more can you want! I also picked up a little that girl and I love this product. It makes my skin so smooth when I need primer its my go to product. :)

My wee snake peak...Hello Flawless has went liquid! Yes am excited too. The girl at the benefit counter gave me this free sample and am so excited to try it! It comes out on the 31st March.

Thanks for reading and if you have written about any benefit products I would love to read them. Please leave the link below :) 
Take care everyone xx