WARNING! Soap and Glory addict approaching!

Hay lovely's

I am going to talk about on of my favorite cosmetic and beauty ranges ever...and that is Soap and Glory. I was introduced to Soap and Glory about 2.5 years ago and I have to declare that I am an addicted. I have tried almost all over their products and what I have to say is YES this is a company which provides value for money! They have had a few things which am not to keen on and I will come back to that later but let me just tickle you with some of the products I love.

guys just to let you know I have either bought these products, been given them as presents or found great deals on like magazine give a way's...I haven't taken pictures of them because. my products have been used and look messy and am not very good at taken photos but I will put all my products together and take a big group picture so you can see what I got :) 


The flake away body scrub was my first ever product and I have repurchased it 3 times (and the mines a few times too). It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and if you are a fake tan over its great for the pre scrub before you apply. I believe it retails at nearly £10 but it does last for months!

The Fab Pore Cleaner is actually something that I received as a Christmas gift about 2 years ago, I believe it retails for £10. To me this is a good product because it leaves your skin feeling clean but its not one that I personally have much time to use. I also think that if you did use it on a regular base it would become quite costly!

YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! I love this stuff, like I cry a little when I finish this. The smell, the texture...its amazing! It actually smells like cinnamon and cake ( I have almost tried to eat this it smells that good!) It comes in at £10 again but its worth it trust me, just smell it you will fall in love! (plus it does what it says on the tin! who can ask for more?)

I wasn't to sure about this product when I first saw it. Mostly because of the price, you are paying £8 for 15ml of product.: which to a minimum wage receptionist is a lot! So I didn't exactly pay for this one; I used my boots advantage card points instead. The product does poor out the tube really quickly but I can say, hand on my hart, it works! I had this spot (I love chines food but it dont love gives me spots! and when I say spots I mean big red and very unattractive suckers) and it would not budge. I mean nothing was taking this sucker away however, this little magic gel worked a treat! It cleared up my mega spot in 2 days which to me is amazing! I will defo be putting my hard earned cash down for this one next time.

The CALM ONE CALM ALL bubble bath is my worst Soap & Glory product. I got this as part of Soap & Glory's big pink bag Christmas set, and I must say am very disappointed. This products smells exactly like their shower gel, which to me is nice as I like their shower gel, however it doesn't bubble! This to me is a fail, to not do a simple thing like bubble for a bubble bath is unforgivable: I will not be buying this ever!

Guys, have yous got any great Soap & Glory products that I can try? I do say I have tried many more but I didnt want this post to be too long :) I will mention however as some might have read ELLE magazine are giving away the Soap and Glory mascara to there readers this month if yous want to check it out.

Guys sorry I forgot to put on Soap and Glory's own page you can buy from this site in the UK, USA and Canada just click here!

 some of my collection :)

Take care everyone xx