Bags of joy!

Somethings in life I believe should be loved and handbags is defiantly one of these things. River Island is one of my favorite brands to buy high street bags from, well mostly if I  can find a nice bag for a reasonable price, am a happy bunny. Recently I have been loving their spring collections not only are they bright with colour but their prices make my purse happy too :)

Look at this lovely coral "body cross", it cute and bright just like the spring bunnies you see in the park! and its a FREAKIN steal at £25.00. Plus without the chain it would make such a cute wee clutch bag for a posh night out :) 2 for 1 who can resist!

I am also lusting over this beach bag. I think it would look great on the beach with a nice wee tan (only thing is a would be disappointed if it got all dirty with the sand!) This one comes in at £35 but once am done on the beach...I could also us it to transport all those important documents to work...right? Another 2 for 1 bag ;-)

All these bags and loads more can be found at

Take care everyone xx