Lust list...from Topshop

Hay lovely's

I had some free time before an meeting today and had a wee pop into Topshop. I originally went in to keep out the cold but found myself lusting over many of their products! I am not normally a Topshop fan, but have a wee look at these and let me know what you think?

I know Topshop has their own make up brand but I was never really that interested in it...until I saw it! The packaging is so cute and from what I played around in the shop: It looks good! I mean I can do a review because I haven't bought it and used it properly but I will be buying some! If anyone could recommend products I should invest in please leave a comment below.

 Lipstick in innocent
Lipstick in Nevada

I really liked the look of these 2 lipsticks and at £8 each...that wont break the bank much ;P  I also liked the look of this their blush Neon Rose. Its bright but I think with a nice tan and some blending it could look really sweet!

Neon Rose blush @ £6      

Taking it away from the make up seen: this is what I am really lusting over. This  WHITE BIKER jacket. I have a black pleather jacket at the moment which I got out of Bank an number of years ago but this white one is amazing!

It feels so nice and looks amazing on...its just a shame I cant afford the £55 that it cost at the moment :(
 But as soon as I can find some free cash I will be heading back! 

Take care everyone xx