Steal her style- Taylor Swift!

Hay Dolls

It has been a while since I have worked on a style post and I though who better than to...steal her style other than Taylor Swift. I mean I have became obsessed with her album 1989 and I do love her style. so here is a few I love.

Look 1 - for the warmer weather

outfit details 

1. Shoes from Forever 21 price - £20
2. Skirt from Forever 21 price - £10
3. Tights you can get a pack of 5 from primark for like £4 (or reuse your old ones! Wash them first thou hehe)
4. Any Black top you have in the house is fine failing that you can get cheap long sleeve black tops from Forever 21 for under £10.

Outfit number 2 for the colder places

outfit details 

1. Jacket from Forever 21 - £45. (you could go all out and buy a red version but I thought Black was a little easier to wear and you don't want to be a clone of her)
2. Jeans from River Island - £40 (but if you have skinny jeans already just use them or primark has them for like £15)
3. Shoes from Forever 21 - £25.
4. Bag I would not change my bag however for similar ones try ebay!

Likes Forever21, Rivers Island, Ebay.

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