Steal her style - Nina Dobrev from TVD.

Hi Dolls

How all loves The Vampire Diaries? I do and even thou Elana is not my fav charactor, I do love Nina Dobrev. So pretty, I may have a girl crush on her style. So I thought I would steal it!


Look 1- Party outfit

Outfit details & Links
  1. Dress from ASOS £70 - HERE
  2. Shoes from ASOS £40 - HERE
  3. Handbag from ASOS £35 - HERE
  4. Earings from ASOS £10 - HERE
  5. Total - £150 
Look 2 - Casual Look

Outfit details

Boots from New Look £40 - HERE
Denim Jacket from ASOS £35 - HERE
Beanie Hat from ASOS £15 - HERE
Sun Glasses ASOS £10 - HERE
Total - £110

outfit 3 - casual look number 2.

Outfit details

Spot play suit from ASOS £20 - HERE
MAC Jacket from ASOS £60- HERE
Total - £80
(I have not included a lot of things for this outfit because most people would have shoes which they could match and handbag, I believe in being inspired by people not to go out, buy a full new wardrobe because of them)

***ASOS do international shipping free over £15 to most countries also always check online for discount codes ie have 10% off for next 3 days*****

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