Steal Her Beauty - Rebekah from The Originals.

Hay Doll's

Have you seen The Originals yet on Syfy?! Yip am a geek but its really good anyways I am also a big fan of Claire Holt aka Rebekah in the show and though I would share what products I would use to steal her beauty look.

Now this will not be a tutorial mostly because I am still learning how to do my make up never mind telling anyone else and second I hate pictures of myself unless am drunk..and you can only comprehend how approprite it would be to blog drunk!!

Step 1 the face -

1. Primer - Now am guessing being a vampy  means that your face has to remain flowless which is would start off with my trusted Benefit Professional, as I dont want my foundation to move all over the place while am trying to look effortlessly cool!

2. Foundation - For that healthy glow I would have to go to my NARS sheer Glow foundation in Punja. Two coats for myself to get that over all deep coverage.

3. Set it in place people - MAC skin finish in medium. I dont want to look pasty, the un-dead look isnt what we are going for her so am setting with a nice medium toned powder, with a big blush brush, using big circular motions to make sure its even.

 Step 2 The eyes - 

1.Prime - Using NYX nude primer I would put that all over my eyes and even under the eyes you dont want to loose any definition.

2. Nake Pallet p taking the 3rd colour in we are going to put that all over the eye lid. As we can see from the lovely pic provided by google search Rebekah's look her is very natural. So with a little blending blush we are doing to define the crease with the 7th colour in (failing that take your bronzer, if mat n use that). Then with the very 1st colour or highlighter of your choice add a little highlight to under the eye brow and the wee big next to your noise! Not to much thou...remember no glitter balls before 5pm.

3. Concerler - If like me your a messy bum why not try me wee quick trick of applying concealer, Benefits Fake up in 01 for me as a duel corrector/illumine for under thous eye!

Dont forget those lashes, not a big fan of fakes like myself then use something like Soap and Glorys Thick n Fast to give that extra umf! 

Step 3 - Back to that face.

1. Contour - now that we have done the eye, you can give your self a baby contour on what ever areas you like to define during the day mines is just the checks, jaw and a little on top!

3. Blush am using the NARS Orgasim here to just lighly give myself a healthy glow.

4. Lips - Macs Cosmo is my fav nude lip. 

5. Set it - Urban Decays setting spray n your good to go.

Step 4 - The Hair 

1. Using Bed Heads Queen Volume spray some into the roots of your hair before blow drying! Failing that try using some dry shampoo to add texture (if you have already dried your hair)

2. Use a medium size round push to blow dry your hair failing that just turn your head upside down...let gravity do your work.

3. Curl - take a 1.5 in wand - mines is the Rimilton Pear- and big sections of your hair and start curling remember to rotate the curls to keep them form become one...and always curl away from face! 

4. Spray curls with your fav hair spray mines is Loreal extreme hold - I need it my curls tend to drop way too soon other wise!

Tip - If your finding your curls to curly don't panic - take a brush once you have finished n give them a little brush through to soften them out.


Happy New Year everyone xoxo