Short Story Fashion: Recent purchase!

Hay Lovely's

Now I have tried to well behaved and kept that credit card safe in the comfort of my purse but it some how managed to escape whilst in Topshop! And it escaped in style...wiping a hefty 95 quid away with one purchase! 

Yes that purchase was the lovely Parka Jacket in the picture above! Now, I hear my defences before you sentence me: 

  1. Practicality: I live in Glasgow therefore I need a warm cosy jacket NOW never mind when winter hits.
  2. Diversity: The lining in this lovely parka comes away meaning I get two jackets for the price of one.
  3. Cohesion: My BF didn't exactly discourage me from buying this...just saying per-pressure works.
  4. Its really pretty! :)
Now I know my defences are very superficial and childish but they allow me to sleep at night! ;-) Trust me I found it really hard to hand over my card to pay for it, to the point that I nearly cried! What yours guys biggest purchase to -date?