Short Story Review: Twisted Sisters Glasgow!

Hay Lovely's

Now grab a cuppa and site down for a nice read, as I am wanting to talk to you about hair. I am no expert on the subject but thankfully my lovely hair dresser at Twisted Sister in Glasgow is and she shares a few tips with me every time I go in. So I thought I would reward her generosity by doing a wee review! 

Finding a brilliant hair dresser is half the battle so when I met Marj about 3 years ago now it was love! Not only does she listen to you, which BTW hairdressers you have to start doing that, but she takes no shit! She tells you if your being completely outrageous: like this one time I wanted to go lighter and she laughed at me and told me no! Now I realise that she was actually right with my nice brown hair would have frizzled under bleach consumption. But still at the time I was shocked most hairdressers I met just go along with you, until disaster strikes and lies saying how lovely you look, when its clearly not the case. 

Now Marj has found a new home in Twisted Sisters in the hart of Glasgow's Merchant City, which was a bit concerning for me as I thought that meant scary super-salon prices, but at only £35 for a cute and blow dry its actually rather purse friendly, with a real glitz about it. Twisted Sisters has stapled down the one stop beauty shop for all women: doing hair, make up & nails. Its a modern girls dream location to pamper ones-self before your birthday night out, crazy Saturday adventure or even your special wedding day. 

Speaking of wedding days the lovely girls at Twisted Sisters will be attending The Scottish Wedding Show this October (did you like the plug) and have even done a few styling shoots already! See lovely picture below.

Twisted Sisters Glasgow

Anyway's, I were was I, oh that's right, some examples of there work would prob's be best help to you than me ramble on. Now Twisted Sisters doesn't have a website as of yet, but they are on the Facebook: & soon to be on the Twitter & Instragram (social networking at its best).  But I have found some, not the best, pictures of my after hair done by Marj, no before pictures were found funny enough.

what was that style everyone was wearing: Marj done it brilliant anyways.

Getting my colour back: Sorry for the pic (Marj)

Bouncy Birthday hair (Twisted Sisters: Marj)

Some of Marj's 3 best tips:

  1. Don't over wash your hair: Simple old muma stuff but so true now I was a wash my hair everyday girl until Marj shouted at me...but to fair she was right.
  2. Blow dry you hair up-side down: It will be a strange looking one if your drying your hair near the window but if your a flat head like myself trust me its worth it.
  3. Heat product or die: Shes always reminding me to use my heat protecting stuff, which to be honest am a 50/50 on that one because I always forget to use it while blow drying my hair.
Now am sure she has given me more advice than this but to be honest am hopeless so its best to book an appointment and hear it for yourselves.  Thanks for reading :P