Review: Benefit Fake up

Hi Lovelies 

As you might have read from my last post, I done a little Benefit shopping and picked up their new concealer Fake It Up. Benefit describes this as a hydrating crease-control concealer, which hides dark circles and smooths out fine lines.

To me this is a nice concealer, with a brilliant highlighting power. I prefer this concealer for a night out, due to the highlighting power of this concealer. As you can see by my swatch on my hand its much lighter than my natural skin tone, the Benefit girl at Glasgow airport informed me that under eye concealer should be lighter, although I didn't think I should look like Caspar!

But anyways, the only bad thing I can say about this concealer is that its not for warmer climates, I bough this concealer at duty free on my way to Tenerife, where the highest temp at night would have been 20*C however the heat made the concealer to soft to work with and it kept sliding off my face, even after using a primer and stay spray. I believe this to be due to the conditioning balm, which can make the concealer a bit greasy. Ok, maybe their was more than one little problem.

However, other than the issue I had using it on holiday I would recommend checking this product if you like a very highlighted look for night time.  I hope you liked this little review, I have never written a full post on one product before and would love to have some feed back. :)