Benefit Haul: summer 2013

Hi lovelies

As you can see from the title and pictures above I have been a little naughty, shopping at Benefit a lot. I should mention that this was not in all in one shop, it was gathered over a 3 month period. So here is what I got:

  1. Fake Up Concealer: This is an under eye concealer, which I had to try as I have panda eyes. I am also planing on doing a little review on this watch this space.
  2. Bad Girl Dual: (was actually a present) Water proof eyeliner and lash mascara, amazing pick one up if you get the chance.
  3. World famous neutrals pallet: contains 4 powder eye-shadow's an two cream shadows. Review to come. :)
  4. Some Kinda Gorgeous: This is a fake foundation, second purchase of this love it for those days were you feel like you need something but can be bothered going all out. Try it, trust be you will like it. 
  5. Brows a go-go: This was one of those buys were you see it you want it you bought it...on the plain. I have a Urban Decay eye brow set that I barely use so I thought why not try this one and I have been using it a lot especially for nights out. I might do a little review on this as it is a good pallet. 
Have you girls/dudes picked up any Benefit products recently would love to read them. Please leave your link below.