Steal Her Style: K is for Kardashian!

Hay Lovely's 

If like me you are a massive Kardashian fan...E! being my favorite channel seriously they they should just change it to K! and be done with it! You would have been supper excited to see the girls venture over the Atlantic and bring a rang out with Dorothy Perkins (HERE!) , but I was a little disappointed at the price rang £35 for a shirt, and dresses from £40 darlings please...I am not exactly flush here. (Although if I was minted...I would be buying up the lot!!!)

With this in mind I have some inspirational pieces from the fabulous ladies, starting with Khloe Kardashian Odom, from New Look which is a little more purse friendly. Khloe is the youngest of the 3 sisters and I think the most likable for the everyday women's style: fun, sexiness and sassy!

Have you seen anything from the collection you like/dislike? let me know by leaving a comment below. :)