Lets Ban That Xmas Bulge!

Hay Lovely's

Lets get fit for Xmas. If your anything like me Xmas is normally the time for Hot chocolate, many dinners out, boxes of chocolates, booze and all things bad for you! Now am not really one for going to the gym much or going out in the cold/rain to run around. So I thought what about an at home DVD, but then I noticed Youtube has them for free!!!

I am currently a size 10, 5ft 4 coming in at 81/2 stone (119 lb) and I would like to drop back down to a size 8, dropping 1/2 stone (7 lb) and mostly feel a little better about myself. I know am not over weight and not boosting or trying to be a pest, but I think its best to feel good about yourself and this would make me a little happier.

Here are some that I am following the now and they seem to be really good! What are your guys keep fit routines?