Trans-fashion series: Outfit Number 2!

Hay Lovely's

Outfit number 2: Coloured jeans!

Keeping to my mini series and now posting another Trans-fashion from summer into fall: The coloured jean! I lived in my coloured jeans this summer and I WILL NOT give them up! and why should I i want some colour in my life :-) and so should you!

1. Knitted Jumpers.

It gets a little cold her in Scotland, so jumpers are a girls best friend and notting says fall like a nice cream woolly jumper. This one is from New Look and comes in at £22.99 and as my coloured jeans are skinny's its nice that it hides my bum too! http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/knitwear/cream-lace-up-back-jumper_263665713

2. The Wedge boot.

I love wedges because they are very nice to my feet and give me a little bit of height too. As black can look very harsh against coloured jeans, I suggest a beige coloured pair. These ones are from New Look (£24.99) and I can say they are very very comfy! http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/boots/cream-lace-up-ankle-boot-wedges_256877521

3. Scarfs.

I love scarfs because they a. keep you warm and b. hide your belly to make you look thin...awesome! Scarfs will be great with coloured jeans because if you get one that matches the colour it means you can be very nutural everywhere else. This one is for New Look (£6.99) but if you live in the UK check out Premark because they have great scarfs from £4! http://images.newlook.com/is/image/newlook/womens/accessories/fashion-scarves/mixed-animal-print-scarf/259031829?$zoomPopup$&hei=438&wid=1149