Trans-fashion series: Outfit Number 1!

Hay Lovely's 

So our summer is coming to an end! Which to me is very sad because I have been loving the fashion this summer but bright side means that we can revamp our closets for fall! (Autumn, for us Brits!)  Now if your anything like me skint! Then transforming your summer wear into fall is key! So am going to post some mini looks to help transform my favorites summer pieces into Fall essentials. Starting with the MAXI SKIRT!

Outfit number one: Maxi Skirts!

I loved my Maxi skirt I used it for day and night time looks this summer and as its a mushroom colour its will be awesome for Fall and here are some ideas of how to trans-fashion (transfer that sad am making up my own words!)

1. Over-size Jumpers!

Over-sized jumpers are cute! They are cozy and soft, you just want to curl up in them and pretend your still in bed. So this Fall I will be teaming my maxi skirt with a cut over-sized jumper to keep the cold out. (If your scarred that you will look washed into a pill out cloths, then wear a tight/fitted T-shirt under it or a belt to add more structure to your outfit!) The one above is from Missguided.( ) and comes in at £23.99!

2. Peter Pan T-shirts!

If your lucky enough to live in a location where the weather is warmer in the Fall then you might want to invest in a Peter Pan T-shirt! (If you don't go buy one anyway that's what a jacket is for!) They look so cute with Maxi Skirts because they add that little bit more coverage than when you wear them with a crop top or vest! Again this Top is from Missguided ( and comes in at £12.99!

3. Chelsea boots!

So I am the last one to the party again! But yes I am converted to the Chelsea boot but am not paying Topshops prices! (I mean who has £75 bucks to spend on one per of shoes! not me!) So these pretty's are again form Missguided ( and come in at only £35.99.

So I will be posting some more outfits through out the month, but I hope that you enjoyed reading this and are savoring every last minute of the summer. 

Take Care everyone xxx