Pretty Feather-hair extensions

Hay lovelys,

So I have been a bit bored with my hair recently but I don't dye my hair. I am just too lazy so I have seen these wee beauties about and thought mmm I like..I Buy.

Now I have been eyeing these up since last December but thought the colours I wanted were more summer and actually forgot what website you bought them from until I watched this youtube video from SWalker (she's amazing!).

The hair natural and cruelty free which is great. You can also style them with heat but it says don't go over 180 degrees. I found them easy to put in/take out and think they will look awesome on holiday!

The hair is from and they are priced in Dollars but you can use paypal to pay for them which I recommend to pay them with as its the safest way to pay over the net!

Leave me a wee comment guys if you have any new hair tricks I should check out.

Hope you enjoyed my wee post. Take Care everyone xx