Steal her style....shenae grimes!

Hiya lovely's 

I have never done one of these before but it looks fun and am going to recreate this look on me so I thought I would share! I love 90210 and my favourite character is Anne. I just love how cheek and geek she looks and Shenae Grimes has great style. So am going to create her look for under £100!

This is the look am going so casual and cute! so heres what am thinking:

I am not a big fan of leggings and in Scotland it gets cold so I opted from some Skinny Gray Jeans! This set is £16.99 from New Look : however I own a very similar pair from premark that come in at £9.99! 

This graphic top is also from New Look (which I posted a while ago) it comes in at £12 and for me its a close enough match to the one Shenae's wearing. I actual own this and its nice and long to cover my hips which am not to found of in my skinnies! 

These shoes are supper cute...again from New Look (I hart new look so good at the moment!) they come in at £6.99 and to me this is reasonable for a pair of snickers!

Now this bag is actually the close to as style that I own (mines is black) and I love it! Its big enough to carry everything you need but can look great for nights out or just bumming about the shopping! I got mines from ebay and it comes in at £21 (here :P&P included) 

Last but not least...the red scarf! I dont own a red scarf and to be honest I wont be buying one only because I have loads of scarf that I could replace (mostly my purple or black one) that it would be a wast of space in my closet! This ones from ebay and it comes in at £3 (here :P&P included) which isn't that expensive especially if you are going to get loads of wear out of it!

So if my maths is correct this out fit should cost you: £58! or £52 if you get the premark jeans! Which is not bad for stealing a wee hollywooder's style!

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