Steal Her Style...Lauren Conrad.

Hay Lovelies

So I have been having a "The Hills" marathon for the last few day, remembering all the drama, the men and the fashion! My favourite character surprisingly was Lauren Conrad a.k.a "LC".  I love her girl next door style and attitude towards life! So this is how I would steal her casual style for under £100.

The outfit (above) is the casual style that am loving! Its fresh, cute and lad back...just fab for running about town shopping or having lunch with the girls! So am stealing her style...

 I am starting with a basic black tank top...which is something everyone should have in their closet! This one comes in at £6.99 from New Look.

 These Skinnies are again from New Look and are comfy it: just what we are going for. These jeans come in at £19.99.

These little flats are so cute and basic. They come in at £12.99 and I love the detail on the inside. These are again from New Look ( I have an obsession with New Look! Like for real, all my wages go there!)

This cute little number is not from New Look...SHOCK! No this is from my favourite on-line store Forver21. It comes in at £19.75! So am not a big fan of the sunny glasses shes wearing but I found these ones that I liked:

The are from a basic search on e-bay for a round £6.99 but I think if you have sunglasses (I have ones similar to these from Premark for like £2.99!) that you like then use them rather than buying new ones that might only be for one outfit!

moving on to her classic Channel handbag...I WANT ONE! But as they are marked in th £100+ price rang copies will just have to do me. I bought mines for e-bay like a year ago but you can find the style anywhere.

This one is just a basic search on e-bay again and they start from £7! I love e-bag you can get anything on it ;-) In all if my maths is correct this outfit should come to £73.94.

Hope you enjoyed reading everyone.
Take care xx