My shopping bag for FEB!

Hay lovelys,

Am just going a little post of some cool goodies I picked up the other day. Let me know what you girls think?

First stop on our list is a wee beauty haul from...well H&M. Yes, they have a beauty line which I have never though to buy form until well now! I only picked up 2 products one was this cute lip gloss; I have got to say the main reason I bought this was because it looks so cute!

H&M cherry lip gloss £1.99

 Its in the shape of a Cherry: wee green stem and every thing! Its just one of them things that are really cute and fun: since it was not that expensive I was not really expecting to much from it. However, the product inside smells nice and its not to stick which is good! So over all am happy with it :)

The other product I picked up was some bronzer. I first heard about their bronzer from a You-tube video and as it was under £5, I thought why not. It comes in two sizes: I have picked up the smaller one mostly because I was unsure if the product would be any good. Here is what it looks like:

I am not a big fan of the packaging (a bit tacky for me) but I do like that it has a nice mirror. I haven't really used the bronzer much but its not that dark and am considering just using it as highlighted rather than an actual bronzer, as it does give a nice wee shimmer. (The jury is still out for me on this one!)

So I moved on from H&M into River Island, where I found some really nice accessories. Well, am not normally a big fan of River Island accessories to be frank they often go funny colours on me and cost more than I would like. However, these were all under £5 and I love them! :)


I have a little obsession with Cherries as you might have figured out by reading this post! But I really could not resist these, they were only £1.50, and as I have a Thomas Sabo Cherry charm I thought they would like brilliant with! I also saw that they had a sparkly pair for £4 which I also picked up. Here's what they look like:

So, I can pop on some sparkly for them summery night or for when am just feeling the need for sparkle!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. 
Take care everyone