Mints and Peaches for spring!

Following on from my recent post about Barry M nail polished I picked up two new colours to (addicted yes...I believe I am!) I have had loads of people talk about their amazing pastel rang but never ventured there encase they were to am not one for hanging around, applying coat after coat to get the out of the bottle look. But these surprised a good way!

The first one is mint green (no.304) which is in the container is this lovely mellow green colour, It is ideal for any spring look; where you just want to forget about the winter bores and look forward to summer.

The second one, Peach Malba (no.318) not my normal cup of tea, but when I was in Superdrugs looking around at all these dull winter faces, I found myself drawn to the colour and am shockingly pleased with my purchase. It does take a few covers to get my desired look but somethings are worth the effort.

Take care everyone xx