March favs: Fashion

Hay Lovely's

I have decided to slip my  March faves into two posts, as I think it would have been one long read if I did them all in one. :) So may fashion fav's post are below am really loving River Island at the moment they have amazing new stuff in for spring/summer :)

River Island £13

I love this wee make up bag, its so cute and fresh for spring :)

River Island £40

I originally wanted the pink version of this bag, but my local RI only had the black/white one, which I am so glade I got now. This bag is brilliant for spring/summer and it goes with everything :) 

Iphone 4s Covers ebay £2-£4

I am obsessed with changing my Iphone cover the now. I love the pink covers they are so fun and make my white Iphone look cute. 

River Island £20

I picked this up from the Rihanna Collection from River Island and love it! The tops so versatile brilliant for work or nights out :)  

Shoes Republic £10
I picked these up from the Republics closing down sale they are so comfy and I have had a few complements on them (I liked them so much I bought two pairs: one in black and one in green) Oops!

What are your fashion fav's from March? I would love to hear them :)