Rihanna collection at River Island

Hay Lovely's

I have been anticipating the Rihanna collection for River Island for some time, as she might not be my top 5 celebrates but she does have a good fashion sense. I was disappointed when I was too sleepy to wait to see the collection online. So when I was in town I took a wee look at the cloths they had in the local River Island.

To me the collection is very casual chic, which is very close to Rihanna's style. The only thing I was a little disappointed in that their wasnt more colour, as summers is just around the corner and I did expect some of her home style to be included, as she does have a great beach style but it was very much on the Black/White trend this seasons showing. Here are some of my picks from the collection.

£20 which I purchased today!



£40 (sold out)

All these can be found on the River Island website and in selected stores nation wide. Have you lovely's checked out the collection yet? What are your fav pieces? Please leave comments below :)