roses are red and so are those nails!!

Valentines day is upon us and wither your loved up lass or a sassy single; it is differently one of those days where a girl has to feel special. My favourite way to make me feel good, without braking the bank is doing my nails! At the moment my favourite cost effective products are Barry M nail polishes.

Barry M nail polishes are spectacular productions for all us girls who don't have massive amounts of money to spend getting our nails done at the nail bar. Often pricing between £2.99-£4 in the UK, and most importantly they are very easy to use. My collection vary from their fabulous effects rang to their simple red nail polish...which is what we're going to be taking about today!

The raspberry nail polish is a lovely rustic looking red colour, ideal for most skin colour's and goes perfect for that romantic night with your partner or as a sassy accessory for the girl whose out with her girls. The nail polish only takes 2 coats to get a perfect colour but if your a perfectionist like me then I would also recommend using some form of top coat (my favourite is the Sally Hansion's instant dry around £5-6 in the UK).  However, my ultimate why to wear read nails is with a glittery nail polish on top, any glittery nail polish will do, making the nails look super girly!

I will add some pictures when i get my camera working again but until then I hope this was helpful.

Take care everyone xx